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Welcome to St. Joseph Parish

Dear Parishioners:

St. Joseph Church Front SignWith the Advent Season comes the four week preparation time for Christmas.  It is a special prayer time in the Catholic Church because we are alerted to prepare for Christ’s 2nd coming at the end of the world but also to prepare to remember Christ’s 1st coming at Christmas.

During this special prayer time of Advent it is appropriate for us to embrace a renewed commitment to the Stewardship of Prayer as individuals and as a faith community at St. Joseph’s.

Here are some prayer suggestions for Advent Season and beyond:

From the beginning of humanity we people have carried contradictions around in our souls.  Contradictions involve our doing the opposite of our overall exterior and objective values.  The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit are ways to reflect on our exterior and objective values:

Fruit Contradiction
Charity Greed
Joy  Misery
Peace Turmoil
Patience  Lose Temper
Kindness  Hostility
Goodness Hurtful
Generosity  Stingy
Gentleness Roughness
Faithfulness Double-Life
Modesty  Show-Off
Self-Control Wild
Chastity Indecent

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