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St. Joseph Church
Rev. Terry J. Steffens
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Welcome to St. Joseph Parish

Dear Worshipper:

Organist Job OpeningI give thanks to God for our weekly opportunities to worship at Eucharist where we sacrifice ourselves to God that we may be transformed into Christ’s real presence.  Becoming new creations in Christ is the foundation of Stewardship, for out of our Holy Communion with Christ we develop the desire to pray faithfully, give of our time/talent consistently and share generously the treasure God gives us.

St. Joseph Church Front Sign Every year our parish must submit a financial report to the Diocese clarifying how St. Joseph Parish is doing on the treasure level.  With the help of my Secretary, Patty, and our C.P.A. Dale Oliver, I present you with a summary of our Parish Treasure Status.

The summary sheet on page 1 shows what our Operating Expenses were for the fiscal year of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.   The details of this summary are shown on page 2 and page 3 of this mailing.  There are two columns on the Expenditure Sheet.  The first column is our operating expenses totaling $400,178.77 and the second column is non-operating expenses that are not part of the daily running of our parish.  This includes (CSA payments [$22,108.00] collected in the first (6) weeks of the drive that are submitted to the Diocese; Special Collections [$10,209.10] (envelopes from our envelope boxes & any special collection such as Archdiocese of the Military, Philippines Disaster Relief), and Fundraising [$45,598.97] (50/50 Raffle [church received $7672.50 from raffle], Market Day, Recycling, and Food Pantry (the monthly special second collection for Food Pantry makes them self-sufficient) totaling ($77,916.07).

We then subtracted what we projected would be our extraordinary income for next year, 2014/2015, ($45,000.00 in other donations [donations from parishioners, stole fees, bequests from funerals, etc], CSA Rebate ($10,000.00), and Rental of gym ($10,000.00).  These figures are estimates.  On page 3 of the Receipts Sheet, the real figures for the extraordinary income are presented.

Our final estimated cost for the next fiscal year, 2014/2015, is $310,178.00.  Our estimated weekly budget figure to maintain the parish is $5,965.00.  We need to collect this amount in our weekly Sunday Treasure envelopes.  We had a $22,864.80 deficit from the previous fiscal year, 2013/2014.  Because of this deficit, we had a special collection that reaped $28,000.00!  Praise God for your generosity!  However, we had two projects along with increased expenses for repairing and maintaining the (4) buildings (rectory, church, parish office, school building) (an increase of $17,000.00 from the previous year).  As a result, we had to use more money out of our checking account.

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