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St. Joseph Church
Father Ted J. Mauch
440 Joliet St.
Dyer, Indiana 46311
Phone: 219-865-2271
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About Us - History

Before a parish was established in Dyer, Catholic people living here attended church services at St. John when possible, and were sometimes visited by Rev. Wehrle of Turkey Creek. But, in 1867, Rev. Jacob Schmitz moved to Dyer and became the first resident pastor. He lost no time in acquiring about four acres of land, upon which he erected the first frame church building, at a cost of between four and five thousand dollars.

A number of pastors served at Dyer in those early years.

In 1893, the original frame church needed repairs, and Father Flach improved it a great deal by re-plastering, frescoing, and painting it. Stained glass windows were also installed, and in 1899 a basement chapel was added, as well as new altars and a new organ.

Unfortunately, shortly after Christmas of 1902, that original frame structure was destroyed by fire, and Father Flach and the parishioners set to work to rebuild; the present edifice was dedicated November 26, 1903. Measuring 118 feet long by 43 feet in width, it boasts a tower over 100 feet high, seating 400 people and built at a cost of $18,000.00.

The Dyer parish was one of the first missions for which the Franciscan Sisters assumed responsibility after coming to the United States. They began their work here in 1878, and the first convent was built in 1901, simultaneously with the building of the first school. The present convent was erected in 1924 by Father Lauer, and attached to the church later when additions and improvements were made.

The rectory now in use was built by Father Ley in 1950, to replace the original priest’s house dating back to 1869. It was sold and removed from the premises to become a farmhouse on land east of town.

In 1970, the lovely wood altars of the Church were found to have deteriorated beyond reclamation and were therefore removed along with the Communion Rail, and a new high altar was installed in conformance with the new liturgy. Having replaced the old slate roof and gutters on the Church in 1974, plans were initiated to redecorate its interior.

During 1974, a handicraft workshop was begun for ladies of the parish, in order to foster artistic endeavor and produce items for fund-raising events.

In the summer of 1975, the Ark, a recreational building, was renovated to present a more pleasing appearance for celebration of the Bi-Centennial Year. Also, the addition to the convent built during Father Switzer’s pastorate, was reclaimed for church use, as the parish had less nuns in residence than it had previously. It housed a meeting room for the church council, a religious inquiry room, and the Church office.

Since the construction of St. Joseph Church in 1903, both time and the constantly increasing traffic on US Highway 30 necessitated extensive repair work and replacement. In January 1986, the Parish Council, Monsignor Melevage and the Parish began the restoration, which was completed by December 8, 1991. On that Sunday at the 9:30 Mass, Bishop Gaughan dedicated and blessed the new altar and refurbished Church. The total expenditure for the restoration was $536,000.00.

St. Joseph’s has been a dominant factor in the development of Dyer, and its imposing steeple reflects that dominance over the surrounding scene.